The SKS Hospital ensured quality health services focusing the poor & disadvantaged segments of Gaibandha. Total Consultant/guest doctor 11, regular doctor 3, indoor doctor 1 and 74 staff were engaged in running the SKS Hospital. The poor and ultra-poor patients availed treatment facilities following criteria of Health Premium Scheme while they got 75% discount in Pathological Investigations. SKS Hospital maintained a general package of clinical options to provide modern health services to its clients. Along with general treatment, an ‘Eye Unit’ and a ‘Dental Unit’ provided specialized services. Centering all sorts of treatment facilities around 50,500 patients visited the SKS Hospital during the year while about 30,000 patients received services as outdoor patients. Most of the patients came from Gaibandha while 2-3% patients visited from Jamalpur and Kurigram district. Total 3,201 patients got admitted in SKS Hospital centering operational cases. For general treatment, 44,500 patients, for eye care 4,000 patients and for dental unit 2,000 patients visited SKS Hospital. Out of the total patients served, almost 15% were SKS’ beneficiaries out of total patients.


Circular Road, Masterpara, Gaibandha

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SKS Hospital
Circular Road, Masterpara, Gaibandha
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