SKS Printers


SKS Foundation has started a 4-color designing & printing set-up titled SKS Printers considering the burning need of having such a scope in the district town of Gaibandha. The SKS Printers has met a long-cherished need in Gaibandha while the people had to travel to the divisional city Rangpur or Bogura district town centering any sort of designing & printing needs. The SKS Printers has started its journey with a complete setting of the state-of-the-art technologies relating to designing and printing. The SKS Printers services include fast & sharp 4-color printing facilities having CTP plate developed by its own. The Printers also has the Poly, Mat & Spot Laminating facilities alongside the Dye cutting and creasing provision. The SKS Printers has been into full-swing services and dealing with designing & printing of all sorts of printing & publication items of different corporate houses, development organizations, educational institutions, shopping malls & shops, etc coming from Gaibandha & other places of northern Bangladesh.The SKS Printers has launched its journey on 1 December 2018 being based at Shanimandir Road, Gaibandha town, Gaibandha.