Strategic aims & priority issues :

Program Theme

Strategic Aim-1

Strategic Priority Issues

Social Empowerment

Combat social inequalities, exclusion and poor governance that perpetuates chronic deprivation and injustice for the poor & voiceless.

  • Inclusion of excluded and marginalized groups in development;
  • Women empowerment and gender sensitivity within SKS and outside;
  • Application of rights-based approach in SKS projects and activities;
  • Youth empowerment through marketable skills development;
  • Child-rights and social inclusion of children in development;
  • Sensitization of the duty bearers for accountability in service delivery.

Economic Development

Promote income security and economic freedom of the poor and marginalized groups and members who suffer serious livelihood challenges.

  • Youth employability and augmentation of employment opportunities;
  • Enterprise and entrepreneurship development for reinforcement of self-employment opportunities;
  • Human resource development with focus on both staff and community;
  • New area of operation with women’s access to financial services;
  • Use of software and IT-based automation in program management.

Environmental Justice

Reduce environmental abuse, climate risks & disaster vulnerability with special focus on those who are critically vulnerable.

  • Climate change adaptation in social and economic livelihood;
  • Community-based disaster preparedness, emergency response and resilience;
  • Awareness raising on environmental pollution, protection and safeguard;
  • Research and advocacy for environmental justice and green economy.

Social Enterprising

Social Enterprising Increase people’s access to basic quality services in health, education and other sectors with reasonable stake and terms.

  • Quality education services for all with reasonable cost and stake;
  • Technical and vocational training for youth and self-employment;
  • Primary health care, WASH and nutrition services for the poor and marginalized groups;
  • Quality health services for all with reasonable cost and stake;
  • Diversifying and scaling up Social Enterprises to recycle economic gains.