At a glance service information of the SKS Resource Centre

The SKS Resource Center, 20 km far from Gaibandha town, is located at Bharatkhali village, Saghata, Gaibandha. The Resource Center is standing by the mighty river Jamuna surrounded by traditional natural views. Standing on a 10-acre of land, the Resource Center is well-equipped with conference, training, study halls & rooms with residential facilities. The year-round fruits,  flower gardens, dairy & poultry farms, ponds with the farming of local fishes, Dumba, etc. render any candidate to conduct study/research, especially on the char culture & heritage, context & climate. Presently the Resource Center is equipped with 2 Training/Meeting hall rooms with a capacity of 35 persons. Residential facility with 3 AC & 11 Non-AC Rooms are available in the Center. Delicious Bangla food is served in its traditionally decorated dining room. The walkway surrounding the campus and the availability of Wi-Fi, a full-time generator, car parking, security, etc. give comfort to the guests staying at the Center for the conduction of any interpersonal event.


Facilities at SKS Resource Centre:

  1. Hall Room-1:AC Hall Room is well-equipped for Conducting Training, workshops, and meetings, with a capacity of 35 persons.
  2. Hall Room-2: Non-AC Hall Room Well-equipped for Conducting Training, Workshop, and Meetings, with a capacity of 30 persons

Residence and Other facilities :

  1. 14Rooms (3 AC single/double; 11 Non-AC single/double/3-bedded) Covering Accommodation for 30 Persons with Separate Arrangement for Women & Men.
  2. Standard Conference, Training & Meeting Equipment i.e. Multimedia, Projector, TV, Sound System & Computer.
  3. Refreshment and Recreation Facilities i.e. Newspaper, Musical Instruments, Satellite TV Channels, etc.
  4. High-Speed Internet with Wi-Fi

Venue Charge:

  1. 5,000Taka/Day for AC Hall Room with Accommodation for 35 Participants
  2. 3,000Taka/Day for Non-AC Hall Room with Accommodation for 30 Participants

Accommodation Charge:

  1. 3,000Taka/Night for A/C (VIP) Room (Twin Bed/Couple Bed)
  2. 2,000Taka/Night for A/C Room (Twin Bed)
  3. 1500 Taka/Night Non-A/c (VIP) Room (Twin Bed)
  4. 1200Taka/Night for Non-A/C (Normal) Room (3 Bed)

Feed Charge:

  1. Breakfast Tk.60-100 Person (as per set menu)
  2. Lunch Tk.300-700 Person (as per set menu)
  3. Dinner Tk.300-700 Person (as per set menu)
  4. Snacks Tk.50-80 Person (as per set menu)


  • SKS-RC will provide MUSUK-11 bill where VAT will be applicable as per Govt. NBR rule. TAX will be deducted from Resource Center’s bill.
  • Non-AC venue for food
  • Customized special food item(s)/events would be arranged upon request on the condition of an extra charge.

Contact Us:
SKS Resource Centre,  Bharatkhali, Shaghata,  Gaibandha, Bangladesh,
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Mobile: 01713484473