Social Empowerment Sector

SKS Foundation supports the enrolment of its program participants in social safety net services through sensitizing the duty bearers and building awareness among the community people; enhances participation of women in household decision-making and increases enrolment of ethnic minority groups, such as Santal, in mainstream development activities. The Organization concentrates running of capacity & confidence building initiatives under its Social Empowerment Sector. Multiple nature of intervention including rights-based activities especially with regard to child rights, early marriage, girls’ education, water, sanitation & hygiene, women’s rights and right to information, etc are performed in different regions & contexts. SKS Foundation has been well-recognized for its legal aid support and social empowerment activities in the community and among the stakeholder level.

Alongside, SKS Foundation has been in the advocacy process for sensitizing the service providers for ensuring justice in addressing the target groups. It’s emphasizing on capacity enhancement of the group leaders for promoting participation of women and marginalized groups in local power dynamics and decision-making process. The experiences & learning generated at the ground level are taken into sharing with the relevant stakeholders with a view to taking those at national policy level for scaling-up the learning. Taking the existing challenges in the society and development components into consideration, the thematic issues under this Sector are as follows:

  • Child rights
  • Girls education
  • Primary healthcare
  • Local governance
  • Rights and justice
  • Youth empowerment
  • Women leadership
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene
  • Adolescent issues
  • Social inclusion