SKS Foundation Won the RTV NRBC Bank Krishi Padok 2022

SKS Foundation won the RTV NRBC Bank Krishi Padok 2022 in the Best Agricultural Organization category for its special contribution to the agricultural sector of Bangladesh. Rasel Ahmed Liton, Chief Executive of SKS Foundation, received the Award. Alongside SKS Foundation, the Award was given to 8 persons and other 1 organization at the Function on 1 February 2022 at an event organized at Pan Pacific Hotel Sonargaon, Dhaka.

Inaugurated by Dr. Mohammad Abdur Razzaque, MP, Minister, Ministry of Agriculture as chief guest, SM Rezaul Karim, MP, Minister, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, was present at the Function as the special guest. Among other dignitaries, Syed Ashik Rahman, CEO, Bengal Media Corporation Limited (RTV), SM Parvez Tamal, Chairman of NRBC Bank, Dr. Md. Nizamul Hoque Bhuiyan, General Secretary, Dhaka University Teachers’ Association, attended the Function and upheld the role and contribution of the respective awardee persons and organizations.

Recognizing SKS Foundation as a development organization rooted in northern Bangladesh, the organizers upheld that SKS Foundation has been striving for sustainable development particularly of the disadvantaged people in the disaster-prone northern Bangladesh where flood and river erosion is the most frequent and major natural disasters. And as agriculture remains the main source of lives & livelihood of the marginalized amidst flood & river erosion, SKS Foundation has been undertaking sustainable and agriculture-friendly initiatives through various projects/programs targeting the betterment of the farmers, especially in the char areas. SKS Foundation’s major investment goes to farming i.e. paddy cultivation & rice processing, maize, chilly, pumpkin production, cow rearing, beef fattening, heifer rearing, fruit production, dairy farming, crop diversification, vegetable production, etc. Enhancing farmers’ resilience to climate change and producing nutritious food, SKS Foundation has been promoting inbred vegetable and fruits seed preservation. Furthermore, SKS has been encouraging farmers to focus on afforestation, using vermicompost and pheromone traps as a pesticide for sustainable and eco–friendly agriculture. SKS Foundation has also been designing context-specific agricultural programs/projects incorporating various farming assistances i.e. monetary and advisory support to reach the char farmers including women. It has worked in a systematic approach to organizing, mobilizing, and enabling farmers collectively as well as individually.

Receiving the Award, Rasel Ahmed Liton said, “About 3,50,000 farmers across the country are engaged with SKS Foundation’s programs. We are supporting the farmers in their fund generating, technical training, and market linkage between Dhaka and the respective farmers living in the villages. This acknowledgment of our efforts to the farmers & farming in Bangladesh will encourage us to work with more interest and dedication.”

1. ABU Prizes 2017

Radio Sarabela is a part of SKS Foundation. "Radio Sarabela" got ABU award. Community Radio - Radio Sarabella 98.8 FM, gaibandha got the Asian Broadcasting Union, ABU Award 2013. Radio Sarahbella was awarded this award On Friday- the fourth day of the 54th ABU General Assembly and Associated Meeting, which was started from October 30 in Chengdu city of China. ABU President Ko Dai Young handed over the award, certificates and prize money to Shanta Sutradhar- Station Manager of Radio Sarabella and Mr. Rajab Ali, head of the program of the Entrepreneurial agency SKS. At this time, SKS foundation’s coordinator Abu Sayeed Suman was present on the occasion as a member of Radio Sarabela. Radio Sarahbella received this award for broadcasting the investigation report on child rape by Santa Rani after receiving the award in a speech Santa said, “ Through this achievement, Radio Sarabella went a step further. I think this achievement will greatly encourage us. This achievement is achieved by Radio Sarabella and all the Community Radio of Bangladesh.” Senior Station Manager of Sarabella Mahfuz Faruqe said, "Radio Sarabela is building and broadcasting national and international standard programs with the help of community people. This recognition is bearing evidence of it. Through this achievement, our responsibility also increased a lot.” Rasel Ahmed Liton, Chief Executive of the entrepreneur organization SKS Foundation & Radio Sarabella said, "Through this achievement, teenagers Gaibandha have been able to show their qualifications and expertise in the international arena. The achievement of Radio Sarabella is undoubtedly a delight and a pride. For getting ABU Award, he congratulated all Sarabela activists-volunteers, listeners, well-wishers and people of Gaibandha. Earlier, on Oct. 27, three member’s team of Sarabella; left Gaibandha for China. The Asian Broadcasting Union organized the first General Assembly and Associated Meeting in 1964. Since that year, decisions have been taken for an International competition among the radio and television with selected categories. The 54th General Assembly and Associated Meetings and ABU Awards were awarded in Chengdu city of China; Where Radio Sarahbella received this award in the category of the investigation report. Before that, in the year 2015 and 2016, Sarahbella also receive Radio Pallikanta and Radio Chilmari award.


2. SKS Foundation received Green Award for Leadership in Sustainable Community Development and Poverty Reduction

SKS Foundation received prestigious “Green Award” in recognition of the organization’s outstanding contribution toward “Leadership in Sustainable Community Development and Poverty Reduction”. This year Southeast Bank-The Financial Express- Policy Research Institute Green Award Trust selected SKS Foundation out of many NGOs and private sectors for the organization promotion of green and clean energy, community resilience to disasters and public awareness on climatic change issues. On behalf of SKS family, Palash Kundu, Sr. Coordinator, SKS Foundation is receiving the award (crest, certificate and Tk-3 lakh) from honorable Governor, Bangladesh Bank, Mr. Fazle Kabir (2nd from right). Dr. Mohammed Farashuddin, Chairperson, Board of Green Award Trustees and Former Governor, Bangladesh Bank (1st from left) and Mr. Yussuf Abdullah Harun, FCA, former president of the FBCCI (1st from right) was present on stage along with other distinguish trustees, high officials of Southeast Bank, organizers, NGO executives and privet sectors entrepreneurs, academician and media persons. The award giving event was organized at Sky Ballroom of hotel Le Meridian, Dhaka in the evening of 15 April 2017. SKS Foundation family and the organization’s Chief Executive, Rasel Ahmed Liton is expressing heartfelt gratitude to community members, beneficiaries, staff, all partners and organizers for this reorganization. 


3. BEACON Award got SKS Foundation

On March 2, SKS Foundation got BECON award for successful implementation of Strengthening Community Legal Services in Northern Bangladesh project in “Local level campaign and advocacy” level co-operated by Community Legal Services funded by UK government, Maxwell Stam(PLC), British Council and CEDR.


4. SKS Foundation has won CITI Micro-Entrepreneurship Award 2009 as best Micro-Finance Institution (MFI)

SKS Foundation, a non-government development organization, working in poverty stricken northern part of Bangladesh, has won CITI Micro Entrepreneurship Awards (CMA) 2009 in best Micro-Finance Institution (MFI) category.The award ceremony was held on 4 August 2010 at Sheraton Hotel. Abul Mal Abdul Muhit, Hon'ble Finance Minister, the Peoples' Republic of Bangladesh, chaired the award ceremony. Among others Economist Prof. Wahiduddin Mahmud, Citi Bank Country Officer Mr. Mamun Rashid and Chairperson of the CMA 2009 Screening Committee and Founder Executive Director of Shakti Foundation Dr. Humaira Islam also presence and spoke on the occasion.


5. Outstanding Organizations for Compliance and Financial Management

Sitting from left, Ms. Shaheen Anam, Mr. Nurun Nabi Talukder, Prof. Gowher Rizvi; Syed Manzur Elahi, Sarah Cooke, and Priya Powell at the launching ceremony of the “Creating Opportunities for Poor and Excluded in Bangladesh (COPE)” programme at the capital’s Bangla Academy on 28 September 2013. On the occasion, four partner organizations were awarded. The representatives of the recipients are, standing from left, Shale Ahmed of Bandhu Social Welfare Society (BSWS), Dhaka; Salima Rahman of RDRS Bangladesh, Rangpur; Raseal Ahamad Liton of SKS Foundation, Gaibandha (middle); and Shyamal Chandra Sarker of Mohidev Jobu Samaj Kalyan Samity (MJSKS). Photo credit: The daily Star.

Mr. Rasel Ahmed Liton, Chief Executive, SKS Foundation is receiving certificate of award on behalf of SKS Foundation from Ms. Sarah Cooke, Honorable Country Representative of DFID Bangladesh on the occasion.  

Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF), a leading development organization promoting human rights and good governance, has undertaken a three-year programme for improving the living conditions of more than 10 lakh poor and marginalized households of the country.

Under the programme, “Creating Opportunities for Poor and Excluded in Bangladesh (COPE)”, MJF along with 120 partner organizations will work between 2013 and 2016 to reduce violence against women, ensure safe working condition for workers and working children with living wages, people’s access to basic services and social safety nets, and defend their land and property rights.

The project funded by British and Australian governments will directly support Bangladesh’s sixth Five-Year Plan (2011-2015), “Accelerating Growth and Reducing Poverty”, and enable the marginalized people, including religious and ethnic minorities and people with disabilities, to challenge the institutions, which excluded them from developments.

In her welcome speech, MJF Executive Director Shaheen Anam said MJF would always put focus on the poor and marginalized people. “Our vision is to see a Bangladesh where the dignity and well-being of all people, especially the poor and marginalized, is ensured.”

She said, “MJF will maintain the highest standards of financial accountability. It will use donor funds judiciously and make sure partner organizations do the same.”

Sarah Cooke, country representative of DFID Bangladesh, said Bangladesh had made significant progress in many sectors but too many people were left behind, and COPE was for those people.

“By December 2016, it will have helped many of them gain access to assets and economic opportunities and have a greater say in decisions affecting their lives.”

Prime Minister’s International Affairs Adviser Prof Gowher Rizvi praised the non-government organizations for their pivotal role in the country’s development especially in achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Terming NGOs as development partners of the government, Gowher emphasized their joint role in poverty eradication.

Nurun Nabi Talukder, director general of NGO Affairs Bureau, and Priya Powell, counsellor, Head of Development Corporation, AusAid, Bangladesh, among others, also spoke.

After the first session, Rina Roy and Shamim Imam, directors of MJF; and Moinul Haque and Abdullah Al Mamun, MJF managers; demonstrated different aspects of the programme.

In the session, Executive Director of Transparency International, Bangladesh Dr Iftekharuzzaman, also a member of MJF Board, asked the partner organizations to ensure transparency and accountability of their activities.

Later, Shaheen Anam and Parvin Mahmood, another member of MJF Board, answered the queries of the partner organization representatives.

On the occasion, four partner organizations were given awards as “Outstanding Organizations for Compliance and Financial Management.” These are SKS Foundation, Gaibandha; Mohidev Jobu Samaj Kalyan Samity (MJSKS), Kurigram; RDRS Bangladesh, Rangpur; and Bandhu Social Welfare Society (BSWS), Dhaka.

At present, SKS Foundation is implementing “Strengthening Capacity of Women to Protest Domestic Violence (PDV) Project” with the assistance of MJF.