Economic Development Sector 

SKS Foundation facilitates economic development activities for the poor, marginalized groups and small holders through microfinance operation and skill development of the program participants. The community context & need-based microfinance support has been increasing the participants gradual enrolment in the program while in last 5-year period number of participants has increased by 20% in SKS’ Economic Development Sector. Self-employment opportunities, especially for women, has increasingly been visible in livestock & poultry rearing, seasonal crop & vegetable cultivation and variety of small business, which have contributed to increase family income of the program participants. The average borrowing capacity of the participants has increased by more than 3 folds in last 5 years.

However, SKS Foundation has been emphasizing more on capacity building both for program participants and the staff members to boost-up the Economic Development Sector widening the program areas & facilitating it focusing more with the context-specific components, and equipping with more up-to-date operational system. The programs under this Sector follow innovation & diversity while focusing the following themes:

  • Youth employability
  • Self-employment opportunities
  • New and innovative venture
  • Market linkage and access
  • Sustainable financing
  • Women entrepreneurship
  • WASH financing for households
  • Small and medium enterprise development
  • Skills development