SKS Foundation - NRBC Bank Partnership Program

With a view to bringing the banking services to the doorsteps of the marginalized people and making the supply of capital money easier with more institutional security, SKS Foundation and NRBC Bank launched a Partnership Program on 28 March 2021 at the Head Office of SKS Foundation in Gaibandha. Targeting to maximizing access to the banking system in the micro-financing sector, means receiving cash from customers and paying out cash more easily particularly of the marginalized people as the specific objective, SKS Foundation has opened this new door through joint venture with the NRBC Bank Ltd.

Rasel Ahmed Liton, Chief Executive of SKS Foundation, SM Parvez Tamal, Chairman of NRBC Bank Ltd. and Matlubur Rahman, Mayor of Gaibandha Municipality were present in the Launching Ceremony while they jointly announced the inauguration of 10 Branch Offices virtually. Senior officials of SKS Foundation and NRBC Bank were present on the occasion. People from different sects attended the Event at the respective Branch Offices.

In his introductory speech, the Chief Executive of SKS Foundation said, “The initiative is an excellent example of the corporate investment that can be incorporated into development programs. The joint venture will ensure the development of poor and the marginalized providing them with the provision of more institutional funding services. The two different institutions will complement each other and play a role in the overall development of the country by keeping the development wheel of the marginalized people in motion.”  SKS, being a development organization, holds and commits to a customer base with its limitation for financing. The provision of necessary capital and its successful use is needed to ensure overall development including human life and livelihood. SKS Foundation will continue to support the development drives of the marginalized by providing required funding, he added.

NRBC Bank Chairman SM Parvez Tamal said, “SKS is a believer in deeds, not words. We are happy to be associated with such a development organization. NRBC Bank's partnership with the SKS Foundation is promise-bound to change the general perception that ‘banks are not for the common people’. This Partnership Program will enhance the banking facilities and services concentrating on the micro-financing sectors as well as development of the rural people’s livelihood.”

Gaibandha municipal mayor Matlubur Rahman said, “Gaibandha is proud of SKS Foundation. The Organization is working with honesty and determination for the development of marginalized people in different parts of the country including Gaibandha. I wish every success & prosperity of this joint venture.”

The association will allow NRBC Bank to disseminate financing facility in the development sector while SKS Foundation will mobilize the customers providing them with a wide variety of development ventures. The association will mean to work side by side, act together, by aiding the customers who seek avail micro-finance for designated development drives. 

With this launching, initially, the operation of the stipulated services shall be provided in 10 branches/outlets that are fully equipped and structurally ideal for providing the services to the customers. The service under the Partnership Program will be made available in all the 131 branches/outlets of SKS Foundation by 30 June 2021.

A Discussion Forum held on Bangabandhu’s Life, Works & Visions

 “His ability to unite people was outstanding. He was as brave as kind. All he had love for Bangladesh.”

“Bangladesh would not have been born without Bangabandhu. Bangabandhu and Bangladesh are in the same spirit. He was not afraid of anything even of death.” The speakers made this statement reflecting on Bangabandhu’s life, works and vision in a Discussion Forum. 

The Discussion Forum was held marking Bangabandhu’s Birth Centenary and Golden Jubilee of the Independence of Bangladesh. Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKS) & SKS Foundation jointly organized the Discussion Forum at SKS Inn, Gaibandha on 23 March 2021. Abdul Motin, DC, Gaibandha was the Chief Guest and Md. Abu Bakar Siddik, Secretary General, Gaibandha District Awami League was present as Special Guest of the Discussion Forum with Md. Saiful Alam, Director- Development Programs of SKS Foundation in the Chair.

Featured discussion by Johirul Kaium, Professor of Sadullapur Govt. College, Gaibandha; Abu Jafar Sabu, General Secretary, and K. M. Rezaul Haque, President of Gaibandha Press Club called upon the young generation to focus on substantial and quality research on Bangabandhu’s role in the birth of Bangladesh.  

Abdul Motin, DC, emphasized on young generation’s study on Bangabandhu. He mentioned, “Our country’s history is full of what Bangabandhu did in his lifetime. Now the books on Bangabandhu are available everywhere.  During our time in school, we had very limited books or research on Bangabandhu. Now, you can get lots of book on Bangabandhu. Do study on him and follow his novelty.”

Professor Johirul Kaium, referring to his researches on Bangabandhu said, “Bangabandhu was as brave as kind. When he saw someone in tear-dressed, he used to give him his own shirt. Bangabandhu was also dare to ask then Indian Prime Minister to withdraw the Indian army soon after the Liberation War.”    

Md. Abu Bakar Siddik upheld many different occasions & events where Bangabandhu spoke to the people and inspired & motivated them. 

Journalists, teachers, students, NGO representatives took part in the Discussion Forum following the health guidelines.

World Water Day Seminar Held

Valuing Water Emphasized to

Save Freshwater & Nature

 ‘Water for people, water for nature and water for development must be ensured’, the speakers made this remark focusing the theme of this year’s World Water Day ‘Valuing Water’. The water experts, researchers and professionals in the water sector upheld their position in favor saving freshwater as the most valuable resources for life while they took part in discussion in a virtual Seminar. The Seminar Valuing Water: Where We Are was organized on 21 March 2021, the eve of the World Water Day- 22 March 2021. At the online Seminar hosted by FANSA-BD, the speakers emphasized the importance of conserving, improving and distributing water with due importance on this scarce resource.

Chaired by Dr. Ainun Nishat, Professor Emeritus of BRAC University, and Water Resource & Climate Change Specialist, a panel of water Experts and Professionals enriched the Seminar as the designated discussants. Being the networking body in the WASH sector, FANSA-BD along with SWA, BAWIN, MHM Platform, FSM Network, IWA- BD Chapter, and WaterAid Bangladesh organized the virtual Seminar. Around 100 sector specialists & representatives from the government, UN-bodies, development partners, national & international organizations, academia, and respective stakeholders from the civil society & mass media joined the Event.

Dr. Ainun Nishat said, ‘water is a human right, but it is very sad that water is not considered as a right in Bangladesh. It is not yet thought even. Valuing water in a justified way can be done declaring it as a human right.’

At the beginning of the Seminar, Dr. Tanvir Ahmed, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, BUET & Director ITN-BUET highlighted the global and national scenario of water and its use as a very valuable resource. He pin-pointed that there is only 3 percent fresh water in the world.

The people of the world are not yet aware of this scarcity of fresh water. Many of the people around the world have started talking about the economic value of water. He reminded that besides the financial value of water, it also has cultural and social value which is not visible, must be well-acknowledged.

Participating as the Panel Discussant, Dr. Md. Mujibur Rahman, Ex Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, BUET and water expert said, ‘water regulates the life and nature. But we have failed to protect our water resources. Contaminated water is polluting clean water and in turn the environment. The more this pollution, the more there will be a crisis of pure water for living. It needs to be prevented.’

Dr. Chowdhury Sarwar Jahan, Professor (Ex-Pro-VC), Dept. of Geology & Mining, University of Rajshahi, said, ‘the groundwater level in the Barind region is going down day by day. The rain is also irregular. Water conservation and irrigation are becoming difficult there. Rainwater harvesting and renovation/excavation of the surface sources for conservation and management of freshwater should be taken into consideration.’

Dr. Atikul Islam, Professor, Environmental Science Discipline, Khulna University said ‘people of the coastal belt especially the south-west coast are not yet aware of the good use of water. Water is still being used in agriculture in an unjustified manner. They are pushing the salty water into the community for shrimp farming and that’s ultimately destroying the health, life & livelihood of the coastal people. While Rainwater has appeared as the only option for drinking and household chores, but the coastal people are not much aware of that.’

Highlighting statistics, Hasin Jahan, Country Director, WaterAid Bangladesh said, ‘rich people use water three times more than the poor. She mentioned that somewhere 14 liters of water costs 20 taka. Again, the price of 1 liter of water is 20 taka in the slums. The price of water varies from place to place, community to community. Determining the equivalent price of water must be ensured as a means of valuing water.’

Sheikh Rokon, Secretary General, Riverine People, Bangladesh said, ‘once in India people did not need money to buy flowers. Now you have to buy flowers with money. Water was not worth it either. Now I have to buy water to drink. Before thinking and saving water, the source of water must be saved. The river is the source of water. The rivers have to be saved first.’

Buddhajyoti Chakma, a journalist from Bandarban said, ‘the water sources in the hill districts have dried up. The water crisis has been created due to the increase in population pressure while doing development work there. Many localities have been relocated & migrated due to the water crisis. If this problem is not solved, the crisis will be intensified like anything in the hilly areas.

SKS constructed 2 wooden bridges in Gaibandha

The prolonged flood this year has left a lasting impression in the rural communities of Gaibandha. Although flood control dams were protected in different parts of the district, about 24,206 km of roads were partially damaged. Most of the roads and bridges that used to come from the char areas to the plains have become impassable to water. Roads, ghats, bridges and culverts in Fulchari and Sundarganj upazilas of Gaibandha were washed away by the flood waters recently.

People are spending their days in Gaibandha suffering from floods and COVID-19pandemic. Even though the flood waters have receded, people are still in dire situation. Suffering does not seem to be ending. Repairing of houses, Tube-wells, latrines and road bridges from remote areas to local or urban towns have become urgent.

The wounds have woken up as a result of the water receding. To facilitate the movement of people in these two upazilas, SKS Foundation in collaboration with local Union Parishad have constructed 2 bamboo and wooden bridges at Tarapur in Sundarganj and Katlamari village in Gazaria Union in Fulchhari, Gaibandha. As flood-water has receded, with request of the locals and Union Parishad, SKS Foundation has arranged the construction of the bridges in partnership with Start Fund Bangladesh.The bridges made opened for public communication on 3 September 2020.

Relating to the opening of the bridges, the Kazi  Lutful Hasan, Upazila Nirbahi Officer, Sundarganj said, “The low-lying chars had been inundated by flood-waters for about one & half months. The road communication has faced a massive disruption. So is the case for the char people who suffered a lot during this prolonged flood. Flood-water has receded and now is the time to repair & reconstruct the roads, bridges, culverts, etc. We are taking the possible steps from the government’s part. Thanks to SKS Foundation for taking the initiative in constructing 2 important bridges. The bridges will help the char people a lot in coming to their normal mobility.”

Rasel Ahmed Liton, Chief Executive, SKS Foundation, said, “The construction of the bridges has been costed Tk. 425,500 while Tk. 65,500 has been shared by the local people as the community contribution. With the allotted money various materials including bamboo, iron, poles, wood have been purchased as construction materials. About 15,000 people are depended on these 2 bridges for traveling to/from different chars daily.”The local Union Parishads and people of the villages volunteered to help building the bridges. The upazila administration has monitored the implementation of the construct work, he added.

Aminul Islam Lebu, Chairman, Tarapur Union Parishad, Sundarganj Upazila, said that about 5,000-7,000 people commute daily from Khorda and Char Khordagram of Durgapur Char Tarapur Union to various markets and banking needs of the Upazila Sadar. Among them are school students, community clinic service providers and recipients, businessmen, day labors and various professionals. There used to be a bridge here which broke in the last flood, causing problems for the movement of people on both ends.

Shamsul Alam Sarkar, chairman of Gazaria Union Parishad of Fulchhari Upazila, said, “About 5,000-6,000 people used to cross the canal with bamboo bridges around Katlamari, Nawabganj, Majhipara and flood control dams. When the water broke in the last flood, there was a problem in the movement of people on both sides. A bridge built over the broken site with bamboo and wood by SKS Foundation has lessen the pains of the local people.”

Jasijal Haque, a farmer from Katlamari village in Fulchhari upazila, said, “Various crops and vegetables including paddy, wheat and maize produced on the land have to be sold in the market. But due to the flood-damaged road, people have to travel 3 km to Fulchhari Upazila Sadar and Gaibandha District Town.Transportation costs are going up. But since SKS has built a bridge in the broken place, there is no problem for us to travel.” Sagar Mia, a college student from the same village, said, “The construction of the bridge has reduced the suffering of the children, the elderly, women and the sick people of the area”.


Flood-hit families of Saghata got cash support & hygiene kits

The Monsoon floods coupled with prolonged inundation and the COVID 19 pandemic has an exacerbating effect on the flood affected people. Therefore, making 2020 monsoon flood more complex than ever; as there is an important practice of social distancing and handwashing which is quite impossible to maintain as flood affected people are displaced and evacuated to shelters where it is congested and WASH facilities are also compromised. It has been comparatively tough for the low-income people in the northern char areas to cope with this complex situation.

Under its on-going initiative to support the flood-hit low-income people focusing the char areas, SKS Foundation, in partnership with the Save the Children, has supported 443 flood affected families of Saghata upazila, Gaibandha while a total of TK. 19.935 lakh and hygiene kits have been distributed on 18 August 2020. The distribution of cash money and hygiene kits took place at the SKS Resource Center premises, Bharatkhali under Saghata upazila.

Md. Abdul Matin, Deputy Commissioner, Gaibandha addressed the event as the chief guest with Rasel Ahmed Liton, Chief Executive, SKS Foundation in the chair. Speaking at the event DC Abdul Matin upheld that SKS Foundation is always standing beside the vulnerable groups during any emergency with the spirit to complement to the government initiatives. He shared that the government is quite aware of the flood situation and taking necessary steps in supporting the affected people.

The DC also appreciated the partnership between Save the Children and SKS Foundation targeting to standing beside the flood-hit families of the upazila with cash and hygiene kits aimed at mitigating their sufferings caused by recent floods amid COVID 19 pandemic. The DC urged the beneficiaries to use the cash support and hygiene kits properly to pass the critical time during the flood and its post period as well. Later, the DC formally distributed cash money and hygiene kits to the selected flood victims.

Each of the beneficiaries received cash support of TK 4,500 and a basket with 10 items of hygiene kits. Receiving the cash support and hygiene kits, the beneficiaries became expressed their gratefulness to SKS Foundation and Save the Children. They expressed themselves that the cash money and hygiene kits would help them pass their hard times during the flood.

The event was attended by peoples including public representatives, social workers, local allies and media men maintaining personal hygiene and social distancing.

SKS Under17 Woman Football League Started in Observance of Mujib Year 2020

Centering the occasion of the centennial birth anniversary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman titled as Mujib Year, SKS Foundation jointly with Gaibandha Football Association organized The SKS Under17 Woman Football League under PKSF-supported Culture & Sports Program. Mahabub Ara Begum Gini, MP and Whip of the National Parliament inaugurated the League as the Chief Guest on 22 February 2020 at Shah Abdul Hamid Stadium, Gaibandha. Deputy Commissioner of Gaibandha Md. Abdul Matin; Police Superintendent of Gaibandha Muhammad Towhidul Islam; Mayor of Gaibandha Pourashava Advocate Shah Masud Jahangir Kabir Milon, and Chief Executive of SKS Foundation Rasel Ahmed Liton were present as Special Guests. The opening match was held between SKS School & College and Palashbari Piyari Pilot Girl’s High School. The Football League will continue till 3 March 2020.

SKS Opened 7 New Microfinance Branch Offices

With a view to reaching financial support at the door-step of the poor & the marginalized, SKS Foundation opened 7 new branch offices in 7 upazilas under its Microfinance Program. The upazilas included Sadar & Peerganj of Thakurgaon, Beerganj of Dinajpur, and Tunirhat & Tentulia of Panchgarh district, Rangpur and Rayganj & Shahjadpur of Sirajganj district, Rajshahi division. The branch offices launched their opening from September 25-29 while representatives from local administration, LGIs, banks, educational institutions, commercial & development organizations were present in the Inaugural Ceremony along with participation of the poor & marginalized people. These new areas were selected based on the socio-economic status of the respective communities at the remote & pocket areas and the enclaves.

Training of GBViE Platform Held

A Training on Prevention of Gender-based Violence during Emergencies of the newly formed Gender-based Violence in Emergencies (GBViE) Platform was held on 22-24 September 2019 at SKS Inn, Gaibandha. Total of 32 participants including the Chief Executives and senior officials of the platform partners including national & local NGOs of Gaibandha & Kurigram district attended the Training, organized jointly by ActionAid Bangladesh and SKS Foundation with support from UNFPA. Taslima Akhter, Deputy Manager, WRGE, ActionAid Bangladesh conducted the Training as the chief facilitator.

The 3-day Training covered the specific topics like gender, gender & sex, gender equality, gender role, gender-based violence, disaster, types of violence during disaster, violence prevention and post-disaster services focusing gender security at the center. At the end, an Action-plan was prepared covering October-December 2019 based on the area & situation of gender-based violence.

Co-compost Plant Installed

A delegation of high officials from WaterAid UK, WaterAid Country Office and SKS Foundation visited the Co-compost Plant and other WASH facilities in Saidpur Municipality, Nilphamari on 26 July 2019. The Co-compost Plant has been installed at Saidpur Municipality in partnership between WaterAid Bangladesh and SKS Foundation, supported by Saidpur Municipality. Thomas Palakudiyil, Regional Director-South Asia; Ian Stuart Gavin, Regional Program Manager from WaterAid UK; Dr. Khairul Islam, Country Director; and Rasel Ahmed Liton, Chief Executive, SKS Foundation visited the Plant along with other officials while Amzad Hossain Sarker, Mayor, Saidpur Municipality hosted the visit.

The delegation visited the Plant and observed the Dying Bed, Polishing Pond, Mixing Zone, Turner Point Recharge Center, etc. The team also visited the household waste collection program through entrepreneurship and the Saidpur Modern Public Toilet. They spoke to the entrepreneurs and observed the Public Toilet management system. The delegation also visited hygiene sessions, hygiene activities and community toilets and discussed with CBO leaders about community toilet management. Finally, the delegation met the Mayor at his office and discussed about the present and future WASH activities of the Municipality and especially the proper operation & sustainable management plan of the Co-compost Plant in partnership with WaterAid and SKS Foundation. The delegation expressed their satisfaction defining that Co-compost Plant under Saidpur Municipality was going to be an exemplary one.

Public Toilet Complex Opened at Fulchhari Hat

Advocate Fazle Rabbi Mia, MP, Deputy Speaker, National Parliament, inaugurated the newly constructed Public Toilet Complex at Fulchhari Hat on 7 July 2019 as the Chief Guest. Mohammad Abdul Halim Tolstoy, Upazila Nirbahi Officer, Fulchhari was present as guest of honor while huge no. of local people gathered at the Event. SKS Foundation constructed the Complex in partnership with Fulchhari Upazila Parishad and Fuchhari Upazila administration with support from Oxfam in Bangladesh.

The Public Toilet Complex has been constructed to ensure the safe sanitation facility as around 5,000 people travel daily to & from the chars through the Fulchari Ghat. The Fulchhari Hat (weekly bazar), organized at the Fulchhari Ferry Ghat is the main connecting channel for commercial dealings of the people of 3 char-unions under Fulchari upazila, Gaibandha. However, there was no hygienic sanitation facility at the Hat before. The newly opened Public Toilet Complex has ensured the safe sanitation and drainage facilities having separate chambers for women and men coming to the Hat.

Flood victims get sacrificial meat in Gaibandha

The Daily Observe-15th August

A total of 2,760 flood affected poor and distressed families in four unions under Shaghata and Fulchhari upazilas of the district got sacrificial meat from a local voluntary organisation on Tuesday 13th August.
As many as 69 oxen were sacrificed. Later on, SKS Foundation implemented the meat distribution activity under its Qurbani programme with the financial support of Islamic Relief Bangladesh.
The meat distribution function was held on the premises of Nutun Kuri Biddyaniketon at Bharatkhali under Shaghata Upazila at noon with chief executive of SKS Foundation Rasel Ahmed Liton in the chair.
Shaghata Upazila Chairman M. Zahangir Kabir formally inaugurated the meat distribution activity to 2,760 flood affected poor and distressed families of Muktinagar, Bharatkhali and Shaghata unions of Shaghata upazila and Gozaria union of Fulchhari upazila as chief guest.
Golam Motasin Billah, head of programmes of Islamic Relief Bangladesh, was present at the event as the special guest.
Each of the poor and the distressed families of the unions got two kilograms of sacrificial meat to celebrate the Eid-ul-Azha, the second largest religious festival of the Muslims, said Ashraful Alam, coordinator of SKS Foundation.
The chief guest, in his speech, thanked the Foundation and Islamic Relief Bangladesh for standing beside the flood affected poor people of the upazilas with sacrificial meat to help them celebrate the festival peacefully.
Technical officer of Islamic Relief Bangladesh M. Zakir Hossain, concerned union parishad chairmen and high officials of SKS Foundation were present on the occasion.
After getting the meat from the organisation, all the poor and the distressed men were happy and expressed their deep satisfaction and gratefulness to the Foundation and the Islamic Relief Bangladesh.

SKS Foundation is being Beside the Flood Victims

Updated-03 August 2019 SKS Foundation has organized health camps at Uttrpara Government Primary School, Gaibandha. Total 201 person received treatment for clod stress/fever, allergic,dehydration and scabis

Continuation of the relief work SKS Foundation has provided a food package (rice 15 kgs, oil 2 kgs, Dal 1 kgs and salt 1 kg) to the 500 flood affected families on 01 August 2019 at Shaghata and Muktinagar union under Shaghata Upazila. Upazila Chairman of Shaghata Md. Zahangir Kabir delivering and others distributing food package to flood victims’ families.

Updated- To stand by the flooded people on 31th July , SKS Foundation organized a relief camp with its own financing; in an inundated women-oriented family, widow, elderly, disabled and divorced families between the municipality of Gaibandha and Boali union. Deputy Commissioner of Gaibandha Abdul Motin, UNO Uttom kumar roy and along with the participation of SKS Foundation distributed 15kg rice, 2kg pulse, 1kg Salt and 1ltr soybean oil to each family.

Updated-Emergency health camps were organized by the SKS Foundation to reduce the major health risks of the people. The health camps were organized to provide health services to the sheltered people and raise awareness in various unions of Gaibandha Sadar, Shaghata and Fulchhari upazilas. The camp are provided with medical treatment and free medicines for various diseases including colds, cold fever, measles, allergies and anemia. 24 July 2019 total 5 camps were organized in Fulchhari, Shaghata and Gaibandha Sadar upazilas where 427 patients received services.

Updated- 23 July 2019 SKS Foundation has organized 3 health camps at Bashahata, South Sathalia & Chithulia union.

Info up to 22.07.19

Heavy rain in northern areas of Bangladesh and on-rush water due to floods in Nepal & Assam has risen the level of Teesta and Brahmapootra water. This has caused a huge flood in the northern Bangladesh. This year the water level is significantly higher. According to the Met. Department, this flood has been relatively large over the past 30 years. River water has crossed the danger limit from 16th of this month and made a huge population marooned in the villages and in the townships as water level has risen to the bank and many areas in the plain land has been submerged with the breaking of dams at a number of points.

According to the District Relief and Rehabilitation Office Gaibandha reports, at least 581997 peoples of 51 unions under 07 upazilas of Gaibandha district have been affected so far. The flood-affected people have taken shelter with their livestock and other belongings in various high-rise buildings like high school, madrasas, upazila complexes and so on.

Like other government and non-government organizations, SKS Foundation has been beside the flood victims through various programs like supplying of safe water and establishing the sanitation facilities. Starting on 16 July 2019 with its own fund and some project support, SKS Foundation has distributed 5,000 liters of pure drinking water in daily Fulchhari and Shaghata upazila. Alongside, 8 Tube-wells have been installed in Shaghata upazila and 13 Tube-wells in Fulchhari upazila while SKS Foundation has funded the installation of 26 Tube-wells through DPHE. In addition, 10 latrines have been installed in Shaghata upazila and 09 latrines have been installed in Fulchhari upazila while SKS Foundation has funded the installation of 15 latrines through DPHE.

Taking the health issue into consideration, SKS Foundation has organized 2 Health Camps at Katlamari & Kukrahat in Gozaria union and 7 Health Camps at Poragram, Banpana, Chithuli, Mandura, Dakkhin-Ullah, Uttar-Ullah & Vangamore bazar under Bharatkhali union

111 Poor Talented HSC Students Got Scholarship Money

Every child deserves an education that prepares them for a successful and fulfilling life. Unfortunately, far too many children are assigned to schools that don’t fit their unique needs and learning styles. For them, SKS Foundation provided an education scholarship check which is financed by Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF). On 9th April for the 4rth time, 111 poor talented HSC Students in different upazilas of Gaibandha received their scholarship check at SKS School & College hall room. A Total of 13 lakh and 32 thousand taka checks were distributed of these poor meritorious students.

Adul Matin, Deputy Commissioner of Gaibandha was the chief guest of the event. Abdul Matin spoke about the importance of education in his speech and also talk about various educational topics among the students. Mr. Enayet Hossain, District Education Officer, and Dipen Kumar Saha, Assistant General Manager (Program) of PKSF were as a special guest in the event.Rasel Ahmed Liton Chief Executive of the SKS Foundation presided over the event.

SKS Celebrated the Bangla Nababarsho 1426

SKS Foundation and its Social Enterprises celebrated Pahela Boishakh, the first day of Bengali New Year 1426 with due significance. On 14 April 2019, the celebration started with the participation in the Mongal Shobhajatra led by Whip of the Bangladesh Parliament Mahabub Ara Begum Gini, MP at the arrangement of district administration which was brought out from the Independence Square, Gaibandha and ended at the same venue after parading the main roads of the town.

SKS Foundation was judged as the best-organized participant in the rally and won the first prize ‘Crest’ from the organizer.

The attraction of SKS Foundation’s observance of the Day was the Panta-Ilish (fermented rich & Hilsha fish) breakfast offered by the SKS Inn in the morning of Pahela Baishakh. Being an attractive & fascinating Resort, the SKS Inn opened the Day and covered all other events organized from SKS part in a recreative manner.

The Community Radio Sarabela 98.8 fm, patronized by SKS Foundation, celebrated its 3rd anniversary alongside the observance of the Bangla Nababarsho. In the afternoon, the grand finale of the competition program “Konthe Chhorao Shekorer Gaan 2019” was held at SKS Inn. The top 10 artists performed Baul Songs.

Mahabub Ara Begum Gini, MP, was enjoyed the Competition as distributed the prizes as the Chief Guest. Abdul Matin, Deputy Commissioner, Superintendent of Police Engineer Abdul Mannan Miah, Gaibandha, Civil Surgeon, ABM Abu Hanif, and Emdadul Haque Pramanik, Dy. Director, Social Welfare Department, Gaibandha were also present as the Special Guests while Rasel Ahmed Liton, Chief Executive of SKS Foundation presided over the function.

In the singing competition Asaduzzaman Sajib, Rezaul Karim and Subrata Kumar Das stood 1st, 2nd & 3rd respectively. In this competition, BDT 30,000 was awarded to the 1st place holder, BDT 20,000 to the 2nd place holder and BDT 10,000 to the 3rd place holder along with the Crests & Certificates for all the 10 contestants.

SKS Foundation’s staff members; teachers, students & employees of SKS School & College; the staff, volunteers & listeners’ club members of Radio Sarabela; Staff of the Dainik Madhukar; SKS Hospital and the SKS Printers participated in all the events alongside other guests & dignitaries covering the Pohela Boishakh.