Radio Sarabela FM 98.8

Radio Sarabela 98.8 FM launched its broadcasting on Pohela Boishakh 1423 (14 April 2016) as the 17th Community Radio of Bangladesh amid much enthusiasm and festivity. SKS Foundation’s Community Radio Sarabela remains on air reaching around 1.1 million population of around 25km radius under Gaibandha district. Since starting, Radio Sarabela has been covering the national development agenda with special focus on health, education, agriculture and free flow of information on the community issues. The Radio pinpoints on the hard-to-reach char dwellers and river erosion victims and their sorrows and tries to create awareness to change their living standard. The transmission focuses on awareness messages of GoB and the development partners, cultural activities and mass amusement covering 7 am to 11 pm every day. As many as 8 full time skilled and experienced Staff and 49 part time Volunteers (33 female) are engaged in operating the Radio. The daily broadcasting covers the programs and news on health, education, agriculture, career, health & nutrition, sanitation, local culture and heritage, talk-shows, live event, sports, environment & disaster awareness, market prices, legal aid information, rights & empowerment of girls & women and disadvantaged groups. The main listeners are students, farmers, teachers, girls and women, workers, businessmen, youth, boatman, fisher-folks, government officials and children. Radio Sarabela has been awarded on radio news category for investigative reporting several times.

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